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Are you ready to discover Basel from its adventurous side?

Save the world on an iPad-scavenger hunt through the prettiest parts of Basel. Escape from the mysterious prison “Bâlecatraz” and find gold in the haunted temple of the Bâletecs. Logic and teamwork are always crucial! These activities are offered in English and German for groups of at least two people.

Magic Portals

Basel has got a lot to offer. As a tourist, this can sometimes be overwhelming: What should one look at first, where are the cultural hotspots, where are the pretty places? Breakout Basel has got the perfect game for you to discover the city and answer these questions! Armed with an iPad and a bag with helpful tools, you are sent out to find and solve riddles in order to save the world from evil monsters. The game always shows your location on a map of Basel, so you can’t get lost! Not only you are marked on this map, your goals are too. While walking to reach them, we recommend taking your eyes off the map, too, since you will pass beautiful buildings, places and parks.                                                                                                                             Explore Basel While Saving the World

How’s and Where’s: At our location you will get an iPad and a bag with helpful utensils. After a short English instruction by one of our game masters, the fun can begin: You’ve got around an hour and a half to solve tasks and gather crystals. If you are successful at this, you will be able to shut the magic portal and ban evil monsters from this world. When you have done so, or time has run out, you return the iPad to us. If you would like a special route, please contact us to discuss how we can customise your experience.                                                              

Our Escape Rooms

If you’d prefer an inside activity, you might enjoy one of our two escape rooms. The principle of such rooms is to find a way out within one hour. This task is complicated by many locks, which can be overcome by finding hidden objects and solving riddles logically. Even though there is an unlocked emergency door, you will need to find another way to freedom.

Bâlecatraz - The Escape

Walter Skedaddle, the Swiss king of fugitives, has left a diary. According to it we built Bâlecatraz and reconstructed his last great escape. There are many doors, but only one leads to freedom. Luckily, Walter has hidden some helpful clues....

Use creativity, skill, communication and teamwork to extract the secrets from Bâlecatraz and regain freedom.



The Electric Chair of  Bâlecatraz


Bâleteken - Raiders of the lost gold

This summer, an old manuscript of the Bâleteken temple has been discovered at the library of Basel. The Breakout Basel has been instructed with the quest and sends teams into the cursed temple to retrieve the long lost gold in the shape of figurines.

The journey is risky and mysterious. Can your team defy all dangers and riddles and recover the gold before the temple collapses and the god of the bâletecs laughs at you mockingly?

Enhance your trip to Basel with a great adventure that will stay in your memories forever.

For more information, visit us on our website or on Facebook or write to info@breakoutbasel.ch 

We are looking forward to making your stay in Basel extra special!