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Cyclotourism in Marina - Explore picturesque Hinterland

It's understandable that at the mention of Marina Municipality and its places like Poljica, Sevid and Vinišće, makes all the summer and the sea joys come to mind - there you can find some of the sunniest and the most beautiful beaches, the most stress-free vacation and the cleanest sea.

A great way to explore Marina Hinterland at the same time as doing some exercise is to ride a bike! Go few kilometres deeper into the hinterland and feel its autochthonous atmosphere!

The coast connected with Marina Hinterland


Apart from offering new and attractive tourist hotspots, Marina's cycling roads have connected its coast with its hinterland which has made intriguing areas rich with tradition more accessible.

Natural features of Marina are simply made for recreation, so it's no surprise that cyclists adore them! You can find safe and maintained roads with a variety of difficulty levels, marked with adequate signalization. They are other beautiful routes that are well connected to roads of neighbouring places like Primošten and Rogoznica.

Explore by bike

Get into a role of real explorer and dare to go on a ride along these exciting routes. Take in the colours and scents of the fascinating Mediterranean self-grown herbs and try having a guess of what the different types of herbs are used for (and when you're stuck – you can always take a look at the educational boards!).

Get to know Marina's attractions – climb to belvedere on Drid hill near the church of Our Lady of Snow, visit St Philip and Jacob's Cave or go on a mini-excursion to Gustirne village!

If you’re into historical treasures, bear in mind that Marina Hinterland has plenty to offer which will no doubt intrigue you – like church of St Mary from 9th century, mentioned in Trogir Scriptures from 1300; or graveyard in Blizna Gornja village – classical-antiquity locality located in karst field at the very border of Trogir and Šibenik – a pond that never dries, not even during summer droughts!

These, and many other curiosities of this region will be best described by locals – exchange a couple of kind words with these hard working peasants who have been involved with cattle breeding, winemaking and olive growing for centuries; allow them to introduce you to the delights of traditional cuisine. You can try local cuisine and spend a night in private accommodation -there's nothing more appealing for true explorers on two-wheels than a refreshment break with an authentic atmosphere. If you want to take something with you as a souvenir then a symbolic packet of dried figs and a litre of golden olive oil from Marina would be a great choice!

A taste sensation

Those who don't have an adventurous spirit might want to stick to the centre Marina. Marina has plenty to offer to please your tastebuds since in Marina's taverns and restaurants serve all types of fish, crabs, shells, pork, lamb, veal, poultry and vegetables. The same tasty dishes are still serves which Marina's natives prepared more than 8 000 years ago!