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Discover Eger – Land of wines, spas and magic

Eger is a thousand-year-old baroque town where something is always happening, whether that is a concert, a festival, a wine tasting event or a water polo match. It’s only one and a half hours from Budapest in Hungary, but the town is well worth travelling for. We’ve compiled a list of 10 “Very Eger-y” things, which can only be found in Eger.

Where wine tasting has no limits

Eger is recommended for people who love wine and if you don't like wine, Eger will definitely fix that issue.

Eger is the home of Hungary’s most famous wine route, called “The Valley of the Beautiful Lady”. It's quite unknown outside of Hungary, and this definitely gives the town some extra charm.  There are about 200 authentic wine cellars in the valley engraved in rhyolite tuff caves. Even though the entire place looks like you're stepping back into the 80s’, there are many cellars that are quite trendy. You can find special vintages and award winning wines from the Bordeaux Wine Olympics - all at a very affordable price. Don't miss the opportunity to taste these treasures, and become a self-certified sommelier.  When you’re in Eger, taste “Egri Bikavér” (Bull’ Blood), which is a ruby red cuvee wine with rich aromas and “Egri Csillag” (the Star of Eger), an elegant light, emblematic, cuvee wine of the region.

Street Music Festival

This is one of the coolest festivals in Eger. Street musicians invade the city with at least 50 bands and 150 musicians, playing for five consecutive days in the charming downtown streets and squares. There is a real sense of freedom with music playing practically everywhere. From authentic Hungarian folk music to jazz through ska, funk and rock & roll, in various locations in the city, for 12 hours a day.
For those who like to be in the middle of things, in a bubbly and exciting atmosphere, this is the place to be. Really, it’s not to be missed! There is no fixed venue, no entry fee, but there is lots of dancing, fun and a really positive party mood.

Schedule the date: 16th -20st June 2017

Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) Wine Celebration

Getting back to wines. Eger's largest fest runs from 6th -9th July 2017 and it's called Bull's Blood celebration. This year it’s the 21st anniversary. This is no ordinary festival and wine tasting. The gathering, in addition to providing good music, a great atmosphere and tasting the gorgeous wines, is an opportunity to just simply feel good in the city's largest wine-gastronomic event. The venue is the charming Cardinal’s Garden (Érsekkert).

Delight yourself as the Turkish Pasha used to do

In the 16th century, Eger was under the supremacy of the “Ottoman empire” for about a century. Time cures all wounds, and now we see only the benefits of this occupation: the impressive Minaret, the Pasha’s tent and the luxurious Turkish bath. Visitors of Eger are quite lucky to experience some of the delights of the Turkish pasha.   You'll experience the aromatic and exotic atmosphere of the Middle East in the “Pasha’s tent”, you can drink original Turkish coffee made on hot sand, taste Turkish sweets and smoke the narghile – traditional tobacco pipe - perfect to help you relax after a busy day.

If you like spas, visiting the Turkish Bath can be part of a daily routine. The Bath was built on a unique thermal healing water, first recognised by Pasha Arnauth about 400 years ago. Recently the Bath has been renovated; the ceiling is made of millions of golden tiles from Florance. It's a very elegant and luxurious place. If you have time, try out the authentic Hammam massage, it will refresh both your body and soul, whilst giving you a taste of life in Turkey.

Get on a Bike

Eger is a town, where you only need a bike. The biking route runs by the small Eger stream, similar to the one in Rome. You can reach the surrounding mountains on a protected biking route, passing through the beautiful flower fields, little villages and nice scenery. If you like to go night biking, it's very safe in Eger, as the road sign are illuminated in the dark, thanks to a special technology. This is another example of how Eger is a small town filled with nice surprises.

If you like nature

There is a Wine Estate 5kms from Eger and is a refreshing haven: the air, the view, sunshine, water, grapevines, delicious wines, speciality coffee, homemade syrups and lemonade. To further elevate the experience, you can rent bungalows for a couple of days which are very minimalistic and creative in design & architectural solution. It’s great fun. The Bungalows are equipped with a washbasin, a toilet, a private terrace and a mini bar. The real magic, however, is the garage gate that operates with a remote control and transforms your “house” into one single open space together with the entire wine estate.   www.almagyar.hu

Explore Baroque Architecture

Eger is profoundly baroque in style. As you walk down the streets you will notice baroque beauty everywhere: wrought iron balcony railings here, window grilles there, and typical baroque facades all around. Eger is also home to beautiful Baroque churches, with some of the most unique interiors in central Europe. The Minorite Church is an impressive monument, built in 1771 and dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua.

Eger is home to the legacy of world famous George Kepes

The Kepes Institute here in Eger serves as a worthy home to the estate of the world famous light artist George Kepes. The artist produced many important works of art related to and using light, and his skills are recognised in cities such as Boston and New York. Born in Heves county (Eger’s home county), he taught in Cambridge at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and when he retired he was the Director of the Centre for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS at MIT) in the same city. His art can be found in cities from Chicago to San Francisco. The city that boasts the biggest collection of his works? Where else but Eger!  www.kepeskozpont.hu/en/