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Have millennials changed the way that we travel?

Backpacking is no longer about the laid back, easy lifestyle.

Backpacking used to be a way of seeing the world on a tight budget, carrying as little as you can in a backpack to go and experience new places, meet new people and immerse yourself in new cultures. But now, millennials have completely redefined the idea of backpacking, giving it the new identity of Glampacking. Young people are now choosing to stay in Airbnb's compared to hostels, and are opting to bring their gadgets to guide them during their escapades around the world.

Travelling is now cheaper than ever, and with the readily available low-cost accommodation and flights, it’s no surprise that young people are choosing to travel a lot more. According to Holidaysafe.co.uk, the average age of a backpacker in 2013 was 25 years old, but in 2016 this had risen to 32 years old, meaning that travelling is no longer just something for the younger generation. Not only has the age range risen, but people are travelling for shorter periods of time, in 2013 an average trip lasted 217 days and 2016 a trip lasted only 179 days.

Amber Howard, Brand Manager of Holidaysafe.co.uk, said: “Backpacking was once the cheap way for the younger generation to explore the world and experience new cultures. Today the glampacker wants to adapt to their environment by pre-planning and using technology to guide their journey and help decide where they stay and what they eat. Traditionally backpackers travelled light, without expensive electronic equipment such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. However, the desire to stay connected has encouraged millennial backpackers to carry a range of electronic gadgets.”

With the vast array of technology on offer to millennials, it’s no surprise that they’re choosing to bring them along with them on their adventures, but carrying around expensive gadgets comes with some risks.

Amber states “We would always encourage travellers to purchase the correct insurance for their adventure, by thinking what activities they might want to undertake and reading their policy to see they are covered. Travellers should be aware of cover for travel arrangements, sports and adventure activities, theft, loss and damage of gadgets and documents such as passports.”

Make sure that you protect yourself from any potential pitfalls before you set off on your travels. You can never be too safe. Holidaysafe offer special Backpacker insurance policies - click here to find out more.


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