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5 things you HAVE to do in Colombia!

Colombia as a country varies as much as its weather. From dreamy carribean beaches to skyscrapers and vibrant nightlife, there’s something for everyone in this previously turbulent place.

We’ve handpicked 5 of the best things to do to get the most out of your time there!

Dance Salsa in Cali – Cali is one of the world’s best cities to salsa. From classes to clubs, even a festival, this complicated dance is everywhere – what better place to learn?!
If you need a bit of inspiration, here are the Cali team kicking ass at the World Salsa Championships.



Have an authentic café tinto  Colombia is renowned for its coffee. The hot drink is a huge part of the culture over there (giving you the caffeine kick you need to keep exploring!)

But always have your coffee tinto, everyone knows café con leche (coffee and milk) is for kids.


Have a shot of aguardiente – aguardiente is a 60% spirit made from sugarcane. Just to put it into perspective, its name translates directly to mean “fire water”. You feelin’ brave traveller?
Just make sure you’ve eaten bandeja paisa aka a lot of food.


Enjoy a Bogota Breakfast – Hot chocolate and cheese sounds pretty disgusting right? Not in Colombia! This unusual combination is famous in Bogota. The cheese melts into the chocolate and is usually served with a slice of crusty bread.

Want one? Try La Puerta Falsa; 200 years of serving amazing food to government leaders and regular people like us too!


See the Bogota from Monserrate – Mount Monserrate dominates, Bogota. Climbing to the top is the best, no, the only way to see Colombia’s capital city. You could also visit The Shrine of the Fallen Lord, located at the mountain peak.