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7 Stunning places to camp in North America!

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life is one of the main reasons people choose a gap year.

What better form of escapism is there than pitching up a tent in the middle of nature and fending for yourself against the elements

Whether you’re taking an RV or camping the old fashioned way, America

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your kit and discover your own American Dream in one of these stunning locations!

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Stretching 277 miles long and 10 wide, there just aren’t enough hours in a day to experience the awesomeness of the Grand Canyon. An ideal spot to camp, hike or even ride a horse – the canyon is an epic backdrop to an outdoor adventure.


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Why not stay here? Desert View Campground, South Rim for $12 per space (max stay 7 days)

Moab, Utah

The Moab in Utah contains 5 national parks, all with a diverse landscape. From rocky archways to forests, alpine mountains to twisting rivers – you can literally pick the type of environment that suits you. A perfect place to rock-climb or bike or kayak, this place is about as crowd-pleasing as they get. Great if you mate can never make up their mind about what they want to do.


Why not stay here? Devils Garden Campground $20 per night for up to 10 people.

San Juan Island, Washington

The San Juan Islands is a nebulous archipelago, comprising of a 172 landmasses. As you get on the ferry from the mainland you can see exactly why you should be camping here. Unspoiled by the commercialism that you’d usually associate with America, Starbucks are swapped for wineries, Applebees for Alpaca ranches.

Even better than the islands peace and solitude is the nature that can be found there; from the islands you may be lucky enough to see a pod of orca whales!


The colors of San Juan Island!

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Why not stay here? Shaw Island Parks for $15 per night

Grand Tenton National Park, Wyoming

Grand Tenton National Park is a mountainous alpine area, making it an amazing place to hike and look for wildlife. Not only home to the largest breed of swan, the area is also known for its moose and bear activity so be careful when packing food!


A little piece of Heaven on Earth ����❤��������

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Why not stay here? Colter Bay Village Campground (Group Tent Sites), $28 booking fee, $7 per person per night

Lake Mead, Arizona/Nevada

For those of you more comfortable on the water than on the land then lake mead is for you.  Whether you’re a fisherman, avid boater, fancy a whip around on a jet ski or just want to swim; the lake is a great place to cool off from those hotter West Cost temperatures.

Don’t fancy the water? Then flex your photography muscles.


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Why not stay here? Lake Mead National Recreation Area's campgrounds $10 per site

Dixie National Forest, Utah

Over six and a half thousand feet above sea-level, Pine Valley doesn’t feel the heat that’s usually associated with Utah. It’s these lower temperatures that allow the forests of oak and pine, as well as other fauna to flourish.


Why not stay here? Pine Valley campsite, $11 per night

Everglades National Park

Welcome to 'gater country! This 1.5-million-acre wetland combines a bounty of climates.

There are two different ways to explore what the Everglades has to offer. Frontcountry camping allows you a comfortable (power, water, facilities) stay or you could unleash your inner explorer and set up camp in one of the many backcountry camping areas. You could be sleeping on a chickee above a river, on a secluded beach or right in the middle of a sawgrass prairie!


Why not stay here? A backcountry permit is required for all wilderness campsites $10 per permit and $2 per/person per day.