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Extending your gap year in Australia? What you need to know about farm work.

Doing a working holiday in Australia can be amazing fun. You get to meet new people, bask in the sun, visit it’s the its beautiful beaches, learn new skills and make a little money on the way. But with a lot of play comes hard work, and Australia is country that expects that if you plan on spending a extended period of time there then you give something back.

One way in which those looking to do a second year working holiday down under is farm work, which is very attractive to those looking for something a little different from the norm and outdoorsy types. There are, however, some stipulations that one must abide by in order to get onto a scheme.  Luckily, this is a brief guide on how to sort one out so you can spend another glorious 12 months in the Land of Oz.


You have to be 18-30 years old to apply. It can be a very physical demanding job, so it requires you to be in the prime of your life and to have no serious health problems.

Food and accommodation

There are many farms across the country that provide accommodation and food. Of course, some are too small or not financially able to offer bed and board, so if this is big concern it is wise  to check out  the place you are looking to work for and make inquiries.


Do not expect this to be a couple hours a day. Some places offer the normal 8 hour days, but some are known to be between 12-14 hours a day and often for more than 6 days at a time. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before making any decisions.

How to apply

You can apply for your second Visa internally or externally. If you are in the country make sure you don’t wander off as you’ll need to be in the country to receive it. Applying in your own native land one must visit an Australian office to talk through your options, or you can apply online here (http://ow.ly/zQdrq). 

The type of work you can expect

There are many types of agricultural work available. Here is a selection.

Tree felling: felling can involve cutting down trees and transporting the debris to a location for them to be milled.

Mining: This is generally work for those who have had extensive training as a lot of the work is difficult and requires knowledge of various metals and minerals. However, if one requires an engineering qualification it may be a good idea as the pay is very decent.

Plant or animal cultivation: harvest work generally consists of fruit picking, retrieving crops, herding animals, milking cows and goats and maintaining/trimming down vegetation.

Fishing: a big fan of fish? Then this may be for you. Day to day activities will generally entail catching an assortment fish, as well as hunting for pearls.

Now that you have a beginner's understanding, you may be interested, so be sure to inquire further. Be sure to come back next week where we will be publishing an interview with two gap years travelers who are currently at the mid-way point of their farm work