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Lead Adventures Ecuador & Galapagos

Ecuador: South America's hidden gem

Ecuador is small in size, diverse in landscapes, and as complex as the diversity of its people. You have the Andes, Amazon, the Pacific coast, and the Galápagos. We have a program in each region so you can surf in the Pacific, enjoy folklore in the Andes, go rafting in the Amazon, or swim with sea lions in the Galápagos. Our programs are as unique as our country with a fusion of travel and volunteer activities.

“Light of America”

The Colonial cobblestone streets of Quito are the birthplace of Latin America’s revolution and today form its best-preserved colonial center. Today, we set one of the most progressive agenda in social programs and the environment in Latin America and the world. It´s no wonder Quito is nicknamed the “Light of America”. All the programs depart from Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

Countries within one country

In Quito you can enjoy spring weather year-round and take in a fusion of culture, architecture, and history—not to mention a great nightlife with a global audience and extensive outdoor adventures. If you want more heat, just hop on a bus to the beach. You’ll be in in the Pacific coast in less than 10 hours, or less than a 2 hour plane ride. Here you´ll enjoy the laid-back Pacific culture and delicious seafood.  If you are missing the cold, climb the snow-covered Cotopaxi. If you want a wild adventure, head out to the Amazon to explore its exquisite fauna and wildlife. If you want to get away, head out to the Galapagos- it’s just you, the islands, and the unique wildlife in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Travel with purpose

We have a beautiful environment and people... and we want to keep it that way!  Our programs offer you the opportunity to be part of Ecuador.  Island-hop the Galapagos and get your hands dirty with conservation projects.  In the Amazon and Andes you’ll be the caretakers of exotic wildlife. We are a locally based company and work with local community partners to offer an authentic experience

Our programmes

  • English Without Borders: For those who enjoy teaching and living in the Pacific Coast. The government-sponsored program includes free housing, meals, and monthly stipend included.
  • Wildlife Animal Rescue in the Andes and Amazon :  For the animal-lover, you will be the caretaker of beautiful exotic animals while having the chance to live in the Andes and Amazon.
  • True Galapagos Experience:  Your alternative to the cruise tours in Galapagos. This program gets up close and personal with the wildlife and locals. You can choose from 1 day, 2 days, or 4 days of volunteer work. This is not your Disney tour of the Galapagos!

About the company

Lead Adventures is an Ecuadorian-based organization that knows the people, the causes, and the destinations. We have helped more than 3000 travellers—including university groups and partner organisations in the UK—to find their place in Ecuador.