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Part Two: Island hopping through the Yasawa Islands, Fiji

We’re carrying on with our love affair with Fiji. Renowned for its landscape of blue lagoons and palm tree lined beaches – it’s arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

In my last article, I shared my experiences of spending two incredible weeks island hopping through the Yasawa and Mamanuca islands, here’s part two of my journey.

Wayalailai Ecohaven Resort

Next island on the schedule was Wayalailai, I hadn’t heard much about the island from other travellers, maybe it isn’t as popular amongst others but I was excited none the less.  Now, there are only so many times I can describe how pure the water is and how inviting the beaches are, but once again I wasn't disappointed in my island choice. In true Fijian tradition, I was greeted by a crowd of women who serenaded us on the beach before they lead us to our accommodation. Throughout my trip, I opted for dorms, as these are the cheapest form of accommodation on the islands and also a great way of making friends. When I saw the Bures (a beach-side hut) I was rather jealous, but the dorms were clean and spacious.

The view from where we ate over looks the beach and Bures

The view from where we ate over looked the beach and Bures

I’d been snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing for a few days now, so when the staff asked if I wanted to go to a see what true village life was like, I jumped at the chance. We took a boat to another part of the island, had lunch on the beach and then visited a local village and the primary school. Upon arrival I was greeted by a sea of friendly faces, the children aren't fazed by foreign people at all, so more than likely you'll be asked if you want to play or if they can have photos with you - which was really lovely. 

If you’re after a slower pace of life then head to Wayalailai, I’d highly recommend visiting the schools and villages to get a taste of what true Fijian life is like.  

School children taking a break from their chores for a photo

School children taking a break from their chores for a photo

Beachcomer Island Resort

After a week of R&R I was keen for a faster pace of life and that’s definitely what I got. Known as the party island, Beachcomber was full of young, like-minded travellers who were looking for a few cocktails and a serious party. The island was just as breath-taking as the previous islands, but the atmosphere was slightly different – it’s as though I’d landed in Ibiza.

Day activities are in abundance at Beachcomber, I spent most of my time snorkelling, as the Fijian waters are some of the best in the world; hence why it’s named ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World.’ As well as paragliding, playing volleyball, basketball and rounders on the beach with members of staff.

As the sun set, it was party time. Throughout dinner, we were entertained by staff who performed for us by either dancing, singing or fire-breathing. Then it was time to party, drinking games were on the agenda as well as karaoke and dance competitions. Cocktails and spirits were reasonably priced – hence a sore head every morning!

Beachcomber is the ideal place for the young and the young at heart. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes and stamina – Fijians love a party.

Members of staff performed a traditional Fijian dance over dinner

Members of staff performed a traditional Fijian dance over dinner

Bounty Island Resort

After a few nights of partying it was great to get back on ‘Fiji time’ - you’ll hear this term A LOT over the course of your stay! ‘Fiji time’ is the island's way of living, forget the itinerary, forget the schedule basically just forget the concept of time all together.

Bounty island was probably the smallest and quietest island out of the five I visited, but it was nice to sit back and relax after the last few days. Bounty has its own swimming pool which makes a nice change from the sea water and an Organic Garden, which is home to their pet turtles. You can take guided tours with the gardener through the vast garden, and they'll more than likely ask you if you want to do a bit of farming. You can also help feed and look after their pet turtles whilst you're there - which was a personal highlight of mine.  

Bounty is one of the closest islands to the mainland so it might be your first port of call on your trip if it is; I guarantee it’ll be a great way to start your island adventures. 

Wherever you go, whatever islands you visit, you're sure to have an incredible time in Fiji. The people are some of the happiest and friendliest in the world, the weather is glorious, snorkelling in the South Pacific is amazing and have I mentioned how beautiful the islands are? I have the fondest memories of my time on the islands; if you get the chance make sure you go and enjoy life on 'Fiji time'.

Beautiful Fijian sunset

Beautiful Fijian sunset


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