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Welcome to Värmland!

This is where your adventure begins. Deciding where to go is often the hardest decision when booking a holiday.

Few places offer the same opportunity for different activities on both water and land. Everywhere you turn, a new adventure awaits.

The Klarälven River swirls from north to south through Värmland. In the south in the city of Karlstad the river flows in eight tributaries that form the world’s largest sweet water delta and finally falls into the Lake Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden.  Build your own raft and glide with the speed of the water on the Klarälven River. It will be an adventure you’ll never forget.

 The water in Lake Vänern and The Klarälven river is clean and really clear. During the summer you can take a bath in one of our 20 000 lakes and rivers. Even in central Karlstad, Värmland’s largest city, it´s possible to take a bath and enjoy the nature.

The closeness to nature as you slowly glide along in a canoe is quite special. In Värmland, you can canoe in places you have only dreamt about.  It´s a surrounded by a silence that allows the birds to come near you.  One starting point is Ingestrand next to Lake Glafsfjorden, a few kilometres south of Arvika. It only takes one look at the map to understand that those who wish to travel on water through a varied landscape have come to the right place. Blue water and green forests predominate.

Värmland offer endless woodlands, mountains and many lakes and other watercourses. At Långberget Sportshotel they offer a wide range of outdoor and wildlife activities. Ther´s a whole buffet of activities on offer. Many of their activities are organised in collaboration with other local people, giving the visitors a wider variety to choose from. Why don´t you try a Moose or beaver safari?

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