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Wellington wasn’t the only one who defeated Napoleon!

Visit the beautiful Orlik castle in the Czech Republic. The castle is situated on the enchanting Orlik reservoir, surrounded by ancient parks and forests.


Orlik Castle

Orlik Castle

Orlik castle has been home to many Bohemian kings over the centuries and in more recent times, to the Schwarzenberg family, the most famous of which is Field Marshall Charles Philip Schwarzenberg. Charles Philip successfully commanded the allied armies against Napoleon at the battle of Leipzig in 1813, stopping the expansionism of Napoleon and the French Republic in their tracks. The battle of Leipzig and Charles Philip Schwarzenberg therefore greatly influenced the destiny of Napoleon and Europe as a whole.

Empire Salon

Empire Salon

Orlik castle dates back as early as the year 1230 and has undergone many physical transformations over the centuries. The castle was transformed from a wooden fort to a stone gothic castle in the 14th century, it was converted in the renaissance style in the 16th century and finally renovated in the neogothic style in the 19th century.

The ceiling of Teska┬┤s hall

The ceiling of Teska´s hall


On display at the castle, we have :

• Artwork depicting historical events and personalities.

• Schwarzenberg family trees spanning centuries.

• Medals and orders relating to military victories.

• Empire style furnishings from revolutionary Paris.

• The unique Teskas Hall with ornately hand-crafted wooden ceiling.

• The knights hall and armory with weapons dating from the 16th to 20th century.

• The largest private collection of hunting rifles in the Czech Republic.

• Personal gifts to Charles Philip Schwarzenberg from Napoleon himself (they were once allies).

• The private rooms of the Schwarzenberg family which have been perfectly preserved and act as windows into the past.

• Various unique historical curiosities.


Knight's Hall

Knight's Hall

Orlik castle is well worth a visit for anyone interested in the history of Europe and the Napoleonic wars.

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