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Has the smartphone ruined the modern day gap year?

According to BDRC Continentals Trends on Holiday report, 88% of people that went on holiday in 2014 used their smartphones while they were away.

While you may be thinking that it’s just to take photos (around 55%), the main use of smartphones abroad is to chat and access the Internet (78% respectively).

With figures like that we have to ask ourselves - is our addiction to the touch screen ruining the way we experience a holiday?

There is a whole host of apps and review sites that make planning and booking your break easier. It’s there that our phone usage should stop – or at least subside.

Being plugged into the tech generation has increased our ability to multitask and made our brain a lot more active, according to a UCLA study.

Dashing between apps has also made us a lot quicker to make decisions – which, in the gap year context, can lead to some amazing adventures!

But for all of the quick-thinking that this type of technology has given us, we are losing our emotional smarts; and that’s the bit that really makes travel worthwhile.

The hours spent climbing for the perfect Instagram photo (or for the signal to post it depending on your location) stops you from taking in the little things.

It may be worth it to get a picture your mates will die for, but think about the things around you that you’ve missed.

So try living life unplugged and get a little bit more out of your gap year.