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How not to get lost with these apps on your gap year

A sense of direction is something that people should consider as one of the greatest things a human can possess.

You may consider yourself someone who can get around easily when in a different country, but according to Live Science the ancient methods that humans used years ago aren't used today.

Talking to Live Science , the writer of The Natural Navigator,Tristan Gooley explained that previously, "One wrong turn could lead to a hyena's den or a nasty death from thirst. As a result, all indigenous cultures navigate in part by tracking the sun or the stars' positions in the sky relative to the fixed star Polaris."

So what can we do to prevent walking into a bear's home range when travelling around? Well, we can look to technology, of course.

Here are some top apps to help you find your way.


If you're visiting a massive city, and don't have a clue of how to find places, then there's a chance you will get stuck in traffic a lot. This can ruin anyone's experience, especially if it repeatedly happens.

One clever soul, though, created a navigational device that enlists the help of travelers around you that informs the user where there is traffic afoot and even routes that

will help one avoid any jams. It's simple, effectual and helps you feel connected - perfect for those wishing to avoid looking like a tourist.

Available on Android and Apple


For the adventurer that seeks to go off-road into the unknown AlpineQuest is your best bet. As an app that gives detailed topographic maps that are can be accessed online, there is also the option to use maps offline, which is a lifesaver should your signal dropout in the middle of a hike.

Available on Android only


So you've lost your friends in a large supermarket in downtown Tokyo. Your friend, who is missing in action, is the only one who can speak Japanese. What do you do? Probably panic, but that needn't be the case, as iStone is a brilliant app that helps translate what you want to say into 12 languages and also comes preset with 300 phrases that will come in handy.

With these three apps, you will definitely be better equipped to travel around with that niggling fear that you will get lost. Good luck!

Available on iPhone/iPad