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KitSound’s Gap-Pack tech essentials!

Every epic adventure has a soundtrack. From Star Wars’ “Imperial March” to Indiana Jones “Raiders of the Lost Ark” theme, music takes the action to the next level.

Your gap year adventure is soon to begin, so what’s yours?

Let people hear the soundtrack to your adventure with KitSound Speakers! KitSound want to bring people closer to their music, and what better way to do that than create something kick ass to listen to it with! And when we say they pack a punch in the audio department, we mean it! Each brand has been scrutinised for hours by developers and audio engineers alike, to ensure it performs to the best of your music’s ability.

These portable speakers will allow you to share the music you love with new friends and old, putting a soundtrack to your adventure that you’ll never forget. Which one will you choose?

The Pocket Hive


The Pocket Hive is a small but perfectly formed Bluetooth/NFC connective speaker. While it may be the size of a mouse (albeit a very fat mouse), this speaker roars like a lion with its 5-watt speaker and 3 hours of playtime on a full charge. If that isn’t enough for you, the hexagonal passive bass radiator uses solid surfaces to give you music ven more depth.

Every Pocket Hive comes with a protective carry case and a handy carabineer, allowing you to easily carry it around with you, wherever your adventure takes you.

Perfect for those of who are already carrying a lot of luggage or camping up in the mountains, this pocket-sized powerhouse will deliver the sound experience you deserve.

RRP: £40.00

The Hive 2


Combining high-quality sound with an unusual honeycomb design, call handling and an impressive battery life; the Hive 2 is a strong contender in the world of portable speakers. Its 12-watt speaker keeps your bass thumping, your mid-tones in line and your treble delicate.

Family calling you from home, mid-tune? With just the touch of a button, you can pick up a call and speak to them using the speaker as a hands-free!

Despite all that power going into your music, the Hive 2 can comfortably handle 12 hours of play time. You’ll be asleep before this speaker’s even tired.

The sturdy design of the Hive 2 means it can handle itself. We’d recommend this one if you have any kind of camping/outdoor activities.

RRP:  £60.00

The KS Glow


When it’s dark outside, the music comes out to play. Befriend your dorm-mates by throwing an awesome party with the KS Glow! The 5 light shows will transform any hostel dorm into a nightclub-esque scene. Let the flashing, strobing and tempo pulsing of the KS Glow create the perfect atmosphere for your favourite tunes.

Take the party outside and the KS Glow just keeps on performing. Waterproof and dustproof, the Glow can handle it all.

With an 18-hour battery life, the glow can safely carry you through more than one party without needing a charge.

RRP £70.00

So get out there and explore - letting your soundtrack and KitSound lead the way!