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Save up to 90% on global roaming costs during your gap year

The MAXROAM global SIM card allows you to roam in over 180 countries and save up to 90% on Global Roaming costs. You can access the internet, your emails, make and receive calls, and send texts wherever you travel. Simply replace your ordinary SIM with a MAXROAM SIM while you’re overseas.



When you’re backpacking, trying to connect to painfully slow and unsecure Wi-Fi networks in hostels and cafes can take up much of the time you should be out having fun and taking in the magnificent views. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just switch on your data, connect to the local network, and enjoy local data rates? If this is something you often long for whilst on your travels then you should definitely join MAXROAM.

Update your Instagram and send Snapchats from the beach to your family and friends at home without the worry of costly roaming charges. MAXROAM sim cards ensure you are paying the same rates as locals and can be used in your current unlocked phone or tablet.

Your phone needs to be unlocked and generally less than 5 years old. You can forward your usual mobile number if you prefer. Your account is managed online so if you’re tearing through data during a youtube marathon you can log in to your MAXROAM account and recharge credit with a credit card anytime. The MAXROAM SIM is compatible with most unlocked regular or micro SIM handsets, smartphones, laptops and tablets, including the Apple iPhone™ 4, 4S. Nano SIMs are now available for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

To order a MAXROAM sim card online please visit www.maxroam.com and join the thousands of others benefitting from astonishingly cheap roaming rates. Enjoy your travels!


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