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The 11 best travel apps for the summer

Apps are as essential as any of the contents of your travelling backpack. They can really help you out when you're in a bind or simply just allow for your journey to run a little bit smoother.

Jetlag Genie

No one likes to spoil the first few days of their holiday because they're out of sync. That's why the good people behind Jetlag Genie came up with their app. It helps adjust your sleep patterns so you can align with the time zone of the country you've just arrived in.

Available on iPhone (£2.29)


A lot of us are worriers when it comes to catching a flight. FlightTrack is the perfect aid. It tells you everything your heart desires, such as airport maps, departure gates, delays and cancelations. Now all you'll have to fret about is getting the window seat.

Available on iPhone (£3.99), iPad (£3.99) and Android (£3.20)


Will you need a sunhat or an ushanka? Sliders or wellies? WeatherPro has got this covered. It has a database of a staggering 2 million locations and is in the know of such factors as wind speed and atmospheric pressure, so you'll have no excuse for wearing a fur coat to the beach.

Available on iPhone (£2.49), Android (£0.99) and Windows Phone (£2.29)

Sunscreen Re-applying Reminder

Partying or relaxing in the sun is standard procedure when in a sunny country. However, your smile will fade if you acquire a face and body the colour of a lobster. This app is like a helpful friend who just wants to help, so be sure to heed its call.

Available on iPhone and Android for free 

Wi-Fi Finder

Using 3G in parts unknown can be a costly endeavour, but with Wi-Fi Finder you can duck those roaming charges. The app seeks out the nearest source of wireless internet and can work offline, too, so you can download maps before you go.

Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free) and Android (free)

Trip Journal

Taking photos is fun, right? But organising them is boring. Thank God for Trip Journal, an app that uses your phone's GPS to document your journey, even creating a map out of the photos you’ve taken.

Available on iPhone (£1.99) and Android (£2.99)

Help Call

In times of crisis, it's important you know the emergency number of the country you're in. Help Call will help with this by pulling up local, location-specific emergency service numbers if you ever you need them. The directory covers over 126 countries to make sure you stay as safe as possible on your journey.

Available for £2.29 on iPhone.

Travel App Box

Wondering whether 2000 yen is too much for a beer? Travel App Box can help you with that. Anything you need converted, be it measurements or currency, the app covers over 30 countries. It even has a dictionary.

Available for £1.49 on iPhone.


If you need to touch base with home to show off your sunburn, Skype is the perfect tool. As long as you have Wi-Fi you'll be able to make audio or video call from across the world for free. You can even buy Skype credits to call landlines at a cheaper rate.

Available on iPhone (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)


Another cost-effective way of communicating with people is WhatsApp - an application that allows you to send texts, photos and videos to people for free. All you need is an internet connection.

Available on iPhone (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)


You're likely to forget a couple of key moments on holiday because so much happened. With Wordpress, you can keep a log of your travels. It has an easy-to-use interface so it won't be difficult to jot down details of your days.

Available on iPhone (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)